Principal’s Message

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one”. Malcolm Forbes


Mrs. Anmol Badjatia Principal

I came across this quote while browsing the net recently. Not a very new one and not something which has not been quoted earlier. But I considered it imperative to dwell on it further and that prompted me to use it as the message for this issue of the  magazine . 

Sadly today most  parents, teachers and students alike consider education to be a tool via which we can fill the child’s mind with data , facts and ensure that the child can replicate it. So the thrust is on learning mindlessly , teaching mindlessly and replicating mindlessly.

So let us in our minds redefine education and understand the difference between a stuffed mind and an open mind.

For an open mind , the mind has to have data and facts but after that the child has to be given the space  to think on his/her own, make mistakes , learn from them without being berated  and formulate new ideas and have their own interpretations and indulge in sensible discussions where ideas are shared , refuted and applauded.

How many of us teachers and parents agree to this ? Believe me , very few. 

Today with all the information being available at the click of a button let us move away from mindless replication of facts , let us celebrate different interpretations of the same topic, let us celebrate debates and discussions and keep an OPEN mind ! We will learn and live better!

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