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Jain International School Nagpur conceptualized an innovative and unique programme for its students to identify their career goals at the secondary school level and gave them an opportunity to spend a working day with an expert in their chosen field.
The venture, initiated by Mr. Anuj Badjate, Director, is in its fifth year of existence. The dreams and the aims which nestled in the hearts of Jain International School students were realized by the joint efforts of the school team by conceptualized this programme “Fast Track Your Future”. The children were asked to state their career choices and the reason for their chices. This was an extensive exercise conducted over a period of a month. Following this, the responses were shortlisted and children were allotted mentors. The mentors were Col. M. S. Chhatwal,  Flight Lieutenant Aditi Sharma (Defence), Mr. Habeeb Khan (Architect), Mrs. Seems Jha (MBA), Dr. Virani Suleman (Psychiatrists), and Mr. Girish Deodhar (Chartered Accountant)

The mentors inspired the students by sharing their own experiences in their respective fields. Mr. Habeeb Khan – an eminent architect, a very dynamic and an excellent counselor on the subject of Architecture said, “One must produce his/her own design and style instead of copying from others. The buildings built in India are photocopies of the western originals.  We have to look at buildings from the point of view of their functionality also. Nowadays this aspect is totally ignored, and more importance is given to the aesthetical part. Further he added that man is the happiest when he is in close proximity to nature, and a good architect has to keep this in mind”. Expressing his views about the project, Mr. Girish Deodhar (Chartered Accountant) said that “It is a very good initiative by Jain International School for its students”. While Flight Lieutenant Aditi Sharma opined, “Good efforts are taken by the school”. She was also happy to know that the students those who are not from an Army background are opting for this field. Col. M.S. Chhatwal said, “To choose any career, children have to think about their future destination & through this project the School is showing them the right path”.

The initiative led by the school in collaboration with the mentors, proved to be a fruitful experience for the students as this programme not only boosted their confidence but also prepared them for their future endeavours.

Workshop on Tycoon in Making


JIS organized a two day workshop “Tycoon in Making” for Students of Class XI & XII Commerce. The Synergistic collaboration of EQ4C & Educational Institution created awareness amongst the student regarding various opportunities in the highly competitive globalised world. The workshop helped in developing marketing skills in the students by giving them different products to sell in the school premises. The students took great initiative in developing marketing strategies & selling their products. The entire programme developed a sense of practical knowledge in the students. The workshop was appreciated by all. The students thanked the Management of the School, the Principal Mrs. Anmol Badjatia and the Senior Secondary Co-ordinator Mrs. Charu Gulati for organizing the workshop.

“Healthy Relationships”

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A workshop named “Healthy Relationships” for adolescents of Classes VI, VII and VIII was held in Jain International School by psychologist Mrs. Mala Roy.

The purpose of the workshop was to strengthen the participants’ abilities to cope with the challenges of daily life, teach them about healthy relationships between boys and girls, and how to deal with peer pressure positively.

She started the workshop with a discussion about self and self-identity with the example of an egg and a chick. She discussed about peer group and intimate relationships. She explained  about how to communicate effectively with peers and how to deal with sexual attraction and emotions.

She had an open-ended discussion with questions such as, “What is your opinion…., “, “What in your experience/perception…. and made the students feel comfortable to discuss their experiences and pose queries to her openly.  The students learnt how to deal with their emotions in a positive way and maintain healthy relationships.

One hundred eighty-six students attended the workshop.  All the students participated actively. At the end of the session, HOD (Science), Mrs. Ravinder Kohli thanked Mrs. Mala Roy for the interactive session as the school counsellor and Special Education Ms. Lata Rana for her inputs and efforts.


Jain International School conducted a workshop for their students which primarily emphasized on how teenagers can improve their Social Quotient. The workshop named ‘Happy Teens Healthy Teens’ was conducted by Ms. Anupama Gadkari a psychologist and a psychotherapist.

The workshop aimed at various problems which adolescents face in their day to day life. Various situations were given to the students wherein they were supposed to answer accordingly and their responses and reactions were taken. The workshop was very interactive and various activities were conducted. The students actively participated in all the activities.

The workshop was organized by Ms. Lata Rana the Counsellor of the Jain International School.

Empowering Modern Day Teacher Training Programme for Educators


Jain International School hosted a four days workshop conducted by EQ4C for Empowering Modern Day Teachers from 10th June, 2015 to 13th June, 2015. The workshop aimed at equipping teachers with modern techniques to enhance their teaching skills. Many interesting sessions covering topics like decluttering minds, time-management, change management, self-motivation, communication & presentation skills, team-work, confidence building, anger & stress management, open resume, leadership, decision-making & problem solving, role of teachers in school & nation buildings & achieving overall excellence were covered by a series of interesting activities.

Experienced people from various arenas enriched & empowered JIS teachers.  The resource people were Dr. Ravindra Aher, Mr. Sachin Iyer, Mr. Sanjay Tatwawadi, Dr. Kasturi Purandare, Mr. Shriram Joshi, Mr. Rajendra Durwatkar and Ms. Ketki Albert.  The workshop was a great success.

The certificates were distributed by Principal Mrs. Anmol Badjatia to all the teachers after a vote of thanks by Mr. Mithilesh  Pathak.


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