• Little Jewels, a feeder kindergarten of Jain International School now at CLARKE TOWN !!!


Central Board of Secondary Education

Jain International School has well-ventilated, spacious and aesthetically designed classrooms.
The library maintains a supportive and nurturing environment in building a knowledge bank for students. The library contains books, CD-ROMs and DVDs that cover a spectrum of subjects and satisfy the students’ urge to learn.  

The Science Lab is fully equipped with relevant apparatus and equipment in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All experiments are conducted under the supervision of our educators.  

The school also has a well equipped Social Science Lab and Maths Lab

Pre Primary Programme: 
Our academic programme supports children as they build a strong foundation in Reading, Writing, Math and Science. We also believe that learning should be an active process that allows children to take risks, grow in personal understanding and expand their knowledge of other people, places and events. We actively encourage children to express opinions and work collaboratively.

Primary Programme:
The curriculum is content-rich and combines tradition with innovation. Based on the core knowledge sequence, children learn about the world’s history, geography and art as well as major civilizations, cultures and religions, both ancient and modern. The curriculum aims at a better understanding of the classroom lessons and inspires the students to be more creative

Middle School 
The Jain International School is committed to providing an educational environment that challenges and inspires each child to achieve personal potential in intellectual, ethical, aesthetic, emotional, social and physical development. It meets individual and common needs by providing a creative and balanced curriculum to produce excellence within the school framework. The programme seeks to be a catalyst for each student to learn; be empowered in decision-making; build confidence and self-esteem; discover individual strengths and needs and achieve success.
By the end of the Middle School Programme, students learn about their own gifts and strengths and develop a positive outlook.

High School 
The goal of our academic programme at this level is to encourage critical thinkers, responsible citizens and students who are prepared to achieve the highest standards, both in their subsequent education and throughout their careers. Our curriculum is based on engaged learning-engaging minds to observe, to analyse and to learn.

Each lesson has interactive activities and exercises on E-Boards which gives a different perspective to each lesson and activity that engages the students. We bring students to the practical learning platform and ensure every days school work is interesting and amazing.

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