• Little Jewels, a feeder kindergarten of Jain International School now at CLARKE TOWN !!!










JIS is a vibrant and a happy place where children are actively involved in developmentally appropriate hands-on activity. Pupils have ample opportunity to express their thoughts in the active curriculum and influence the world around them. Through this approach, they grow up into responsible citizens, confident individuals, successful learners and effective contributors. We believe that the curriculum plays a vital role in every preschool activity, right from inacademics and meals to singing and playing. We never miss an opportunity to educate. We have the best-in-class curriculum designed in-house using a combination of Play way and Montessori methods. Your child will have an extensive range of Co- Curricular activities to choose from. These provide opportunities for children to experiment and grow into their unique personalities. Thus they are exposed to a variety of learning experiences beyond the classroom which include field trips, skating, gardening, clay modelling, swimming, dance, music etc enabling students to develop life skills and leadership qualities through experiential learning.

Children must be taught ‘How to Think’ not ‘What to Think’

JIS’ Kindergarten envisages the same with its world class infrastructure and hands on learning activities kneaded into its well-planned curriculum using a combination of Montessori and Play way methods. Change is the only constant bringing growth in every individual’s learning style which is catered to with due care. The mission and vision of JIS Kindergarten is to provide holistic development with its innumerable curricular and co-curricular activities like field trips, gardening, clay modelling, elocution, dance, music, swimming, skating etc.

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