Educational Visit To Maharajbaag Zoo

An educational trip to the Maharajbaag Zoo was organized for the students of class I – III of Jain International School. The visit aimed at acquainting the children with the amazing world of animals and to make them realize the importance of animals in maintaining the ecological balance. The Maharajbaag Zoo is home to numerous animals living in an environment similar to their natural habitat. Students witnessed a plethora of animals like peacock, deer, monkeys, tigers, leopards, bear, crocodiles and many spectacular species of fish. The excursion proved to be an outdoor classroom for the students as they were able to assimilate knowledge in an interesting manner.

Panchvati Old Age Home Visit

While many Indians are fighting over the issue whether we should celebrate Valentine’s Day or not the Interactors of Jain International visited Panchvati Old Age Home on this day and gave it a different yet valid meaning. Interactors with the teacher Incharge Mrs. Lata Pant carried rice, pulses, oil packets, biscuits and daily utilities like tooth brushes, toothpaste, soaps, hair oil, comb etc. with them to give to the inmates as gifts. In return they received their love and blessings. They also pondered on how they should take care of elderly people in their homes as well as in the society. All in all, the day was well spent and it was an enriching experience for the students.


Rotary Club of Nagpur had organised a Walkathon 2017. 41 interactors and 5 teachers of Jain International School took part in it to support the social cause of helping the farmers. Interact Club In-Charge Mrs.Lata Pant motivated the students to participate in the Walkathon.

Manvi Singh Rana of Std VIII was awarded the Finisher Medal for completing the 6 Km walk in 50 minutes.

Visit to Traffic Park

As a part of the SEWA initiative by JIS, a field trip was organized for the students of Classes I to V (CBSE-i) to the Traffic Park in Nagpur. The aim was to give them practical knowledge of traffic rules and their importance. A traffic inspector was invited to give some information to the students about traffic rules, the importance of wearing a helmet and some other important tips.A demo on a bike was given by a representative of the Hero Group of companies who emphasized on the importance of driving safely on a two-wheeler. Various videos were shown to the students about the importance of following traffic safety rules – as a pedestrian, driver or passenger. The students enjoyed the train joy ride and the various swings in the Traffic Park, had lunch arranged by the school and came back excited after an interesting, educational trip.


Students of Std.III (CBSE), along with the Principal Ms.Anmol Badjatia and their EVS teacher Ms.Aisha Shaikh visited a neighboring farm with an aim to help the students understand where the food on their plates comes from. The Principal herself interacted with the students giving them information about the different types of vegetables & plants and the ways of their propagation. They tasted the raw fruit of the radish plant, as also green “tuvar”. They also pulled out some radishes from the soil to take home.


The students of std. IV & V of CBSE & CBSE-i were taken to the Sericulture Industry, a division of Nagpur University. They were shown how silk threads were made from silk cocoons. They were also shown the various stages of development of silkworm. The students were surprised and thanked the school for organizing this knowledgeable visit.


JIS organized an adventure trip to Melghat for the students of Std. IV & V in the month of February. The students were taken close to nature by star gazing. To develop courage and stamina they were taken for night trekking, valley crossing, wall climbing, zip lining and nature trail. They were also taught Alpine Tent Making. They were also shown how to exploit the renewable resource of energy, i.e., wind energy and were shown windmills.

For an insight into History, the children visited Gawalgarh Fort. The students and teachers enjoyed the camp fire and had a gala time. It was a wonderful learning experience for the young minds.


The students from Std. I – V were taken for a picnic to Crazy Castle on 7th of November. They rejuvenated themselves by enjoying the variety of slides, water rides and rain dance. This picnic helped them in recreation and face new challenges with vigour and strength.

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